Globe Valve

CentroFlow globe valve is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable plug or disc element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body.
Globe valves are named for their spherical body shape with the two halves of the body being separated by an internal baffle. This has an opening that forms a seat onto which a movable plug can be screwed in to close (or shut) the valve. The plug is also called a disc. In globe valves, the plug is connected to a stem which is operated by screw action using a handwheel in manual valves. Typically, automated globe valves use smooth stems rather than threaded and are opened and closed by an actuator assembly.
All globe valves are designed with a stem that moves up and down to regulate flow inside the valve, contains a disc (ball, composition, or plug), and seat which is generally screwed into the valve body. Seats are designed in plane parallel or inclined to the line of the flow. 

There are three basic globe valve body designs: Tee, Angle, and Wye. 


This is the most common body type for a globe valve. The horizontal setting of the seat allows the stem and disk to travel perpendicular to the horizontal line. This design has the lowest coefficient of flow and highest pressure drop. They're used in severe throttling services, such as in bypass lines around a control valve. When pressure drop is not a concern and throttling is required, this globe valve design is a good solution.


The ends of this globe valve are at a 90° angle allowing fluid to flow in a single 90° turn. This valve is used for applications that have periods of pulsating flow because of their ability to handle "the slugging effect" which naturally occurs with a pulsating flow.


This type is an alternative for the high pressure drop commonly found in globe valves. The seat and stem are at a 45° angle which provides a straighter flowpath when fully open and offers the least resistance of flow. This design is commonly used for throttling during seasonal or start-up operations.

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  • CentroFlow made Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve is with 150RF, A182 Forged Steel Body & Bonnet. Outside Screw & Yoke, Plug Type Disc, Rising Handwheel Operated, Design to API 602 Rated CL150. More information of this CentroFlow standard Forged Steel Globe valve, please just contact us without .delay.

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