Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve is from a family of valves called quarter-turn valves. In operation, the valve is fully open or closed when the disc is rotated a quarter turn. The "butterfly" is a metal disc mounted on a rod. When the valve is closed, the disc is turned so that it completely blocks off the passageway. When the valve is fully open, the disc is rotated a quarter turn so that it allows an almost unrestricted passage of the fluid. The valve may also be opened incrementally to throttle flow.
There are different kinds of butterfly valves, each adapted for different pressures and different usage. The zero-offset butterfly valve, which uses the flexibility of rubber, has the lowest pressure rating. The high-performance double offset butterfly valve, used in slightly higher-pressure systems, is offset from the center line of the disc seat and body seal (offset one), and the center line of the bore (offset two). This creates a cam action during operation to lift the seat out of the seal resulting in less friction than is created in the zero offset design and decreases its tendency to wear. The valve best suited for high-pressure systems is the triple offset butterfly valve. In this valve, the disc seat contact axis is offset, which acts to virtually eliminate sliding contact between disc and seat. In the case of triple offset valves the seat is made of metal so that it can be machined such as to achieve a bubble-tight shut-off when in contact with the disc.
Butterfly valve is a valve that isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid. The closing mechanism is a disk that rotates.
Types of Butterfly Valve
1.Doubly-eccentric butterfly valves (high-performance butterfly valves or double-offset butterfly valves) – different type of materials is used for seat and disc.
2.Concentric butterfly valves – this type of valve has a resilient rubber seat with a metal disc.
3.Triply-eccentric butterfly valves (triple-offset butterfly valves) – the seats are either laminated or solid metal seat design.
4.Wafer-style butterfly valve
5. Lug-style butterfly valve


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  • Centroflow supplied Wafer Type Butterfly Valve with good quality and high performance , the valve body is placed between pipe flanges, and the flange bolts surround the valve body. The wafer style butterfly valve is designed to maintain a seal against bi-directional pressure differential to prevent any backflow in systems designed for unidirectional flow. A wafer-type butterfly valve is easy to install, but it cannot be used as an isolation valve.

  • Lug Style Butterfly Valve supplied by CentroFlow is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls the flow of a product in a pipeline, allows them to be installed into a system using two sets of bolts and no nuts. The valve is installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange. This setup permits either side of the piping system to be disconnected without disturbing the other side. Lugged valves are extremely resistant to chemicals and solvents and can handle temperatures up to 200 °C, which makes it a versatile solution. For more detail, don’t hesitate to contact Centro sales team now.

  • Flanged double eccentric butterfly valve manufactured by Centroflow can be used in tap water, power station, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, food, especially drinking water and sewage pipelines, and plays a throttling role.

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