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  • CENTRO has been known as a top quality 1PC Female threaded ball valve ISO certificated manufacturer in China. Our professional management team will bring you one qualified experience during co-operation. Rely on our own chain industry valve casting products, CENTRO valve can be expected to sell at a economic price.

  • How to describe 3PC Threaded Ball Valve that made by CENTRO? In brief, it is a valve with one main body and two pipe connection ends. The pipe connection ends are typically threaded to a pipe, enable easily remove and have it repaired. .

  • CENTROFLOW DIN Standard 2PC Ball Valve are designed for applications of food and beverage, chemical, pharmacy manufacturing ,water treatment etc. 2PC Ball valves are simple to repair and replace, long lasting, and highly effective. Because of these advantages you will find where there’s pipe, there’s 2 PC ball valve controlling the flow use in these medium. They come in many different configurations and sizes and may be manual, mechanical, pneumatic or electric actuated ball valves. Conclusion — Who Makes Quality 2 PC DIN standard Ball Valves? Find professional manufacturer Centroflow and contact for detail.

  • CENTROFLOW Made Flanged Wafer Type Stainless Steel 1PC Thin Wafer Ball Valve is a quarter turn and full bore valves. Compare with ordinary flanged ball valves, the wafer ball valve has the remarkable advantage of short structure length, light weight, convenient installation and material saving. Products are widely applied for flow control system. More detail please just contact us, CentroFlow working team honored to receive your further valuable co-operation.

  • Centro 2PC Full Port Screwed Ball Valve known as its body consisted of two pieces, is of quarter turn that controls the flow through the ball. Centro two pieces threaded ball valve is the most selling products among all since its easy operation, maintenance and durability.

  • ISO Audited Manufacturer CENTRO 3 Way Threaded Ball Valve has two types: L Port and T Port. L-Port flow ball valves with handles that turn 90 degrees (a quarter-turn of the handle) are also referred to as two-position valves. They are normally used for diverting flow either to the left or right with a 90-degree turn of the handle. While the T Port balls valves, sometimes called 180-degree ball valves, are widely used to connect two inlet flows and combine them to flow out into one common outlet port. Depending on requirements, the reverse is also applicable which is split the flow coming in from one common port into two outgoing flows, each exiting the valve through a different valve port.

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