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What is flanged ball valve product?


What is flanged ball valve product? According to the general understanding of people, flange ball valve products are labor products, which are the material materials created by people through purposeful production labor for survival needs. Flange ball valve products are the entity of social material wealth, and the material basis for the existence and development of human society. For enterprises, flange ball valve products are the result of materialized labor transfer and live labor condensation.

flanged ball valve

From the perspective of marketing, only physical or physical flange ball valve products can be seen, which can only be said to be a narrow and incomplete concept of flange ball valve products In a broad sense, a complete product has two characteristics: one is substantive, which refers to the basic utility that the flange ball valve product needs to provide to the buyer, that is, the commonly referred to use value; First, substantiality refers to the specific form of products, including tangible products and services. In this way, the product is a kind of material product and non-material service that can meet the needs of hook buyers. It is a combination of tangible and intangible substances That is to say, the flange ball valve product is not only a kind of tangible material, but also contains some invisible factors, such as the convenience of use, commemoration, appreciation value and other materials that create psychological satisfaction for users Physical products include the product entity and its quality, characteristics, style, brand and packaging, that is, flange ball valve product entity and product appearance. They are tangible products that can be touched and a natural attribute, which can meet the needs of buyers for use value: non-material services, including labor services and various after-sales services that can meet the needs without providing physical products, As well as the product image of flanged ball valve that can bring psychological satisfaction or trust to the buyer, these are symbolic values. Broadly speaking, flanged ball valve products are mostly objects; Quality flange ball valve products and non-material form of service complex.
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