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Ball valve can not close the water how to repair


Ball valves in the use of water, also plays a non-negligible role, but for a long time there will be some problems, which will affect the specific functionality, it is necessary to understand clearly at this time,
Ball valve can not close the water how to repair the ball valve can not close the water how to repair
A ball valve can not close the water how to repair
1, in order to guarantee the safety of the use, only will replace a new, because it has been damaged, functional also won't back again, again how to also was not used, will only bring a lot of trouble, if he does not change in time, the problem will be more and more serious, even more collateral trouble, before the change of whole bedroom must be water valves are closed, To ensure a smooth replacement.
Two, ball valve design
1, its role, in the pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribution and change the flow direction of the medium, has played a role that can not be ignored, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a small rotational moment can be closed tight, so it belongs to the precision instrument.
2, functional, ball valve is suitable for the use of switch, cut-off valve, V ball valve, when choosing, electric valve should pay attention to the pipeline parameters, but also should pay special attention to the use of environmental conditions.
3, can not be ignored, because the electric device in the electric valve is a mechanical and electrical equipment, its use state is greatly affected by its use environment, have to be taken into account, usually, electric ball valve, butterfly valve in the following environment should pay special attention to use.

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